Randy (mancer) wrote in whoresunite,

Guess That Mug!

Guess That Mug!

Looking for a fun game with prizes that changes everyday and is competitive and challenging?? Well you should head on over to guessthatmug!

Guess That Mug! (GTM) is a simple game that you can play everyday. The admin (mancer) will post a scrambled picture of somebody (most likely, but not limited to, celebrities) and below the picture will be a poll. You enter into the poll who you think the picture is of. It's that simple! A new picture will be posted everyday, once the new picture is posted voting on the previous game is over. A Ranking System has been developed to keep track of your scores!

Join the community so you can start playing today!

Don't forget to add the community to your friends list so you can a new game everyday!

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